March 24, 2018 

Path to Self-publishing

Presented at the Women Who Write Spring Rejuvenation Conference

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The publishing industry continues to be in flux, taking advantage of the latest in technology and creating opportunities for writers to publish their works in various ways. In this brief workshop we’ll define what self-publishing has become and explore how aspiring writers can find the technology and/or publisher that fit their writing goals. We’ll outline what needs to be done to prepare a manuscript for publication and what tasks await once your book is in print. 

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March 8 to April 12  2:00 - 3:30

What Happens Next?

Six Thursdays - A Veritas Society Class

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In this class we’ll explore our own creativity by examining the fundamentals of writing fiction. We’ll take a look at the different ways a story can be presented: short story, novel, screenplay, even memoir. We’ll look at resources available for aspiring writers. But most of all, we’ll do some writing and inspire each other to improve.

So if you are a writer or if you want to be a writer, come join us. Bring your favorite writing implement (computer, pen and paper, clay tablet), your imagination, and your desire to step outside your comfort zone and together we’ll explore a small corner of the world of writing.

Each class will consist of discussion of some aspect of writing, some sort of writing prompt and some actual writing in class. Sharing of your writing will be encouraged, but not required.



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